Ready for Pennsic

July 26, 2007

Almost ready to leave for Pennsic.  Taking off in the morning.  It was so nice having a covered trailer this year, as 90% of the packing was already done.  Most of the prep has involved doing some last minute projects (Known as Pennsic Panic), or tasks that are unique to each year, such as preparing some items for competition, printing out documents, etc.

Basically what used to be a solid 2 week preparation/packing period, was pared down to 2 evenings.

Well, gotta run.  I have to finish the layout for my camp, and then try to get one last project finished (Some new Crossbow Bolts) before crashing, then leaving first thing in the morning.


June 20, 2005

*shew* … well, on top of other stuff this weekend (such as going to the zoo), I managed to become a alcohol production facility 😉 … Bottling 6 gallons of cider, and start 15 gallons of other brew going. (5 stout, 5 hefeweizen, 5 more cider)

Life Update

June 17, 2005

Well, since I’m letting people know that this blog exists, and some of the people I haven’t been in touch with much, here is a quick update on what all is currently going on in life:

  • My son (Ramsey), is 4 months old.
  • I’ve gone back ‘strict’ on Atkins diet (versus my normal ‘medium’ level I use for hypoglycemia control) because of needing to lose weight again.
  • I’ve started doing Heavy fighting (Rattan, SCA) again regularly, since my new job is 5 minutes from a practice.
  • I also got whacked really hard in the shin at this week’s practice and wasn’t able to walk well for the next day.
  • I’ve ordered new armor as well, because I realized that I’ve been a fighter for 10 years, and am still wearing armor from like 8 years ago, with the stupid football helmet looking helm, and armor that doesn’t really fit nice, and is awfully heavy. I ordered a bunch of hardened leather armor from and while I have a ‘dream helm’ ordered from a local armourer, I bought a cheap, but nicer than my current one helm that came the other night and I heat blued — will have to get pictures up soon.