Preparing to begin at Zend

So I sit here tonight, doing some preparations to start my job at Zend tomorrow morning.  I took my family away to a resort for the weekend primarily as a present to my wife for her birthday.  Though it also served as a celebration & transition from one job to another.  Quite enjoyable even if we both left with neck/back aches because of the hard beds, and we had our gas siphoned off overnight.

I’m looking forward to jumping into the new job tomorrow.

To have some content in this blog post, I did want to point out a few new pieces of software I recently started using, somewhat in expection of needs of the new position.  One is EventBox, which seems to be a great Mac application that pulls data from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and others and organizes them together.   The second is that I wanted a more organized way for keeping notes, after a few suggestions from friends (such as evernote and VoodooPad) I opted for simply using a local installation of DokuWiki.  Primarily to stick to my PHP/Web roots, and I liked the idea that the notes were just stored as plain text files for ultimate portability.

2 Responses to Preparing to begin at Zend

  1. stephdau says:

    Good luck on your first day!

  2. akrabat says:

    Have fun!

    Also, how about turning off the silly preview popup on all your links?!



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