Zend’s new Community Guy

Well, this seems to be the worst kept secret in the PHP community by the mumblings that have been going on.  So I think it’s time to confirm it.

I’ve been offered a position at Zend, and accepted it.  The official (lengthy) job title is Zend Community Manager/Leader & DevZone Editor-In-Chief.  The short form to many people would be:  “The job formerly held by Cal Evans

I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to work with Zend and to have the focus of my daily job to be working with the PHP community which I dearly love.  I know that any attempt to fill Cal’s shoes will be met with failure, so I hope instead to come up with my own twist on the position and to give it my best.

The job is one that wears many hats, but can be very roughly boiled down to:  40% engaging with the community, 30% writing & soliciting articles for DevZone, 10% coding, 10% podcasting, and 10% communicating information back to Zend from the community.

My first day at Zend will be January 19th.  I’m sorry to leave TravelPod behind as they are some great people; however, they understand this position is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that I don’t want miss it.

3 Responses to Zend’s new Community Guy

  1. calevans says:


    Congratz to both you and Zend!


  2. Rafael Dohms says:

    Congratz Eli!

    Zend is lucky to have you and we as a community as well.

    Good Luck.. and expect a few emails from me and PHPSP UG 😛

  3. Times Two says:

    […] be launching it in February (or in 2009) without his contributions. Unfortunately he’s leaving us before then. When we were chatting, he talked about the “perfect” way to do things – where you had […]

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