Conferences, TravelPod & Travel

Well I realized today that I haven’t blogged since I accepted my new job at TravelPod.  (Even though I have 7 blog posts hanging back in draft form).  So I decided to break the silence.

So far, the job is excellent, challenging, and keeping me very busy.  Of course, I’ve had my share of other things to keep me busy as well, namely travel.

I just returned from ZendCon 08, which, as always, upholds a high level of quality.  It’s one of the best PHP conferences every year.   This year I gave two presentations, my standard “High Performance PHP & MySQL Scaling Techniques“, and a brand new one titled: “The Knight Rider Methodology to Software Development“.  Both were well received and the Knight Rider one was standing room only.  That may have been due to all the Knight Rider clips I was showing during the talk 🙂

I currently don’t have any future conferences that I’m committed to yet, though there are a number that I’m considering.  I do know that I’ll be making some trips to Ottawa (to visit TravelPod) and Boston (to visit TripAdvisor).

Oh, and I was invited to attend a Microsoft PHP Summit in Redmond in November and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll get to chat with MSFT and other PHP notables about things that the PHP community could use (in general, and from MSFT).  As well as hear what things MSFT may have planned.


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  1. […] flat out admire as a programmer, is one such individual, and its great to see that he’s been invited to a Microsoft Summit on PHP to be held in Redmond in November. Congrats […]

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