I no longer work at digg.com

Well I originally announced this information on July 1st via twitter: http://twitter.com/EliW/statuses/847974862

However it seems right that I do so now here on my blog in more than 140 characters.

Though, the tweet mostly says it all.  As of July 1st I was no longer a Digg employee.  Digg and I mutually parted ways.   I really did have a blast at Digg (even if there were some very frustrating times there, but what job doesn’t have those?).  I feel very proud to have been an integral part of helping to build what has truly become a major brand on the Internet.

I have to say, it was in fact pretty cool having someone else be awestruck just because of the company that you work for.  In fact I’ll relate a little story.  My wife is a Project Manager for the Army.  One day she was over talking to her Tech Support team about some work issue.  Somehow the topic of Digg came up.  She mentioned that her husband worked for Digg.  She says that everything suddenly got quiet, and that the next words spoken were:  “Dude, he’s like a programming rock star!”

Those words, and similar situations, will be hung on my virtual mantle.  Right beside my 3″x3″ square piece of the Hubble Space Telescope Solar Array that I have, as fond memories from previous jobs.

I do wish to thank Digg for the great years, for the great friendships (which I hope will continue), and especially for the amazing opportunity to be part of something special.


PS.  Anyone hiring?


One Response to I no longer work at digg.com

  1. mrbabyman says:

    Sorry to hear about you and Digg parting ways. I hope it all turns out for the best. Best of luck in the future, though I’m certain you shouldn’t have any problems, considering your past experience!

    Andrew Sorcini

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