Game Review: Metroid Prime 3 – Corruption

It’s been a while since I did a game review, and I have a few thoughts I want to share on the game that I am currently playing, Metroid Prime 3 – Corruption on the Wii.

Personally, I am enjoying playing the game, because I am invested in the Metroid Prime storyline. I played the first two versions of this game on the GameCube. So I’m really enjoying getting another chapter of the storyline be fed to me and learning more of this universe.

However, had I not played the original two, had I not been hooked already … I think the game would be driving me nuts. In general, I think the problems fold down into two main issues:

  1. It’s the exact same game engine

    Here we are, 5 years later since the original Metroid Prime. I know that the Wii at it’s heart is actually not much different than a GameCube. Fine. But come on, they are using the EXACT same game engine with the same bugs. Most annoying are the broken doors. 80% of the time when you shoot a door to open it, it doesn’t actually open, leaving you moving forward and back trying to find the magic distance that causes it to open. It was annoying in the first game, it sucked in Echos … but why does this bug still exist 5 years later on another system?

  2. The interface, with the Wiimote, is broken

    I’m sorry, but the Wiimote was not designed to be used like this. You don’t just aim by using the Wiimote, but you turn left and right using it as well. You might think this works. But it’s broken. The biggest problem is that to turn, instead of aim, you have to aim the Wiimote near the ‘edge’ of the screen. That would work well; except, if you aim too far, you leave the sensor bar and the game doesn’t know what to do. This is a major issue in large battles when you are panicking and moving around quickly.

    It seems that the coders realized that this method was going to be jumpy and wild to control, so they slowed down the response of the Wiimote, making it ‘trail behind’ your actual movements, so that small movements don’t make you jump around. It was a good compromise, but it leaves the controls very sluggish. You end up being much less maneuverable than you would with a normal controller. It then seems that the coders realized this … so what did they do? They made you a tank. It seems like you can take TONS of damage compared to previous games, because they realize you aren’t going to be able to dodge effectively, and that you will be standing there taking tons of damage while shooting back.

So in summation? It’s a good game, but the controls just do not work. This ‘aim to turn’ concept just seems broken, at least in this incarnation. If you loved the previous Metroid Prime games, go get it, the storyline is wonderful. But if you haven’t played them … you are better off with something else.


3 Responses to Game Review: Metroid Prime 3 – Corruption

  1. Gil says:

    I loved this game and I am a diehard Metroid fanatic. I have every single one of them in my collection (save for the original metroid ported onto the advance). I agree with the first comment about the doors. I realize that the reason for the delay is that it’s trying to hide the fact that it’s loading the next map. Truly it’s not a very good excuse though. The delays are actually worse in this game than the previous 2. There needs to be some reworking of the load.

    Concerning your second comment, I agree that the control is somewhat sluggish but it’s still way better and more fun than Prime 1 and 2. Also I don’t know if you have gone thru the main menu to change controller functions/settings but I definitely prefer the Advanced control. You should try all versions out to see which one you prefer if you haven’t already.

    Anyway it’s great that you have the game. One of the best for the Wii in my opinion. Game on!

  2. Eli says:

    Gil, thanks for your info … you actually made the game more fun for me! With the following things:

    First of all I did switch to ‘advanced’ sensitivity, and it really improved things. The whole movement experience is much more fluid and responsive.

    But most importantly, I noticed the little ‘Auto-Lock vs. Free Move’ … and now I’m in love. I was set to Free Aim … and I have no idea why that is the default. That was one of the things that annoyed me so much was when I locked onto someone, I still then had to manage to aim correctly at them. Switching it to Auto-lock did wonders for me, and has made battle time much less ‘painful’.

  3. Gil says:

    Glad to be of service ^.^

    I personally think that no matter how great a game is (story, graphics, challenge) the controls can either make or break the game. There are plenty out there >.<

    I’m glad to know that MP3 is now a more enjoyable game for you.

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