Recently (for my wife’s birthday), our house according to our Son inherited two robots.   More specifically, we now have Roombas.

As my son went around yelling about how we had a Robot, and how it was sweeping the room for us.   It got me to thinking.   Remember back in the day when we all watched the Jetsons and wished for the day when we too had a Rosie to take care of our house?

I realized that while we don’t have a humanoid robot doing it for us, we do in fact have ‘robots’.   I mean, I have robots now that sweep my floors.  My ReplayTV takes care of knowing what shows I want to watch and recording them for me.  Various X10 appliances in my house can automatically turn on or off.

So I guess we have reached that day, just not exactly in the way we originally dreamed of it.


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