Amazon is great (I’ll say it again)

Ok, Amazon is in my opinion just one of the services out there right now. An earlier post of mine already said this, but this Christmas I’ve had more good experiences.

First of all I ordered some jewelry for my wife that was the wrong size. No issues, went online, a few clicks had me returning it for ‘wrong size’, and a new piece of jewelry was on the way. Oh, and they paid my return shipping!

Secondly, my wife got me an HD-DVD drive for my xbox 360. It worked for half-a-movie then stopped working. I tried calling Microsoft support 5 times, and got cut off every time. Finally I realized she had bought it through Amazon, and they have a 30 day no matter what return policy. She went online, clicked to return just as easily, printed out a free UPS label, and we had it on it’s way.

I got the new one and it worked fine. She even got an apology letter from Amazon stating how bad they felt that they shipped her defective merchandise.


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