I found my new editor

So, as a followup to a previous post where I was looking to find a new editor for PHP/HTML/JS/CSS work …

I finally found it.   I recently switched over to using a Mac as my primary machine (more on that later) … and fell in love with Textmate.  It seems to do ALMOST everything that I wanted.  The one missing fact is integrated FTP.  But the editor is so great that I’m overlooking that, and have written some rsync scripts to use instead.


One Response to I found my new editor

  1. Mark Taber says:

    Congratulations! I’ll have to take a closer look at Textmate. I have to admit that when I saw just the title of your post — “I found my new editor” — I panicked just a tad. Like “oh crap, I *knew* I should have replied to that email message quicker!”

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