9pm Bedtime for the kid, is hard

Not on him, but on the parents.   My son used to have a 7:30pm bedtime … and got up at 6:30am with his mother.

He went through a growth spurt, say, a month or so ago, and after that started really complaining when we went to put him to bed.  He just wasn’t sleepy.  We shifted bedtime later, and later, until we ended up stabalizing at 9pm.  It’s much better for him.  (He still takes a 2+ hour nap in the middle of the day).

It’s also better for us, in the sense that we get an extra 1.5 hours of awake time with him, so we are really spending much more time with him.

However, we’ve realized after a month of this, that it’s killing our ‘chores, tasks, hobbies’ … Since we used to use from 7:30pm to 9/10pm as chores/tasks/hobbies … then Heather would go to bed, and I would stay up until 11pm ‘decompressing’.

Now 9pm rolls around, and not only are we already behind on starting on anything, we are more tired having played with him.  So, we are ready for immediately decompression/bed, and not wanting to do chores or even hobbies that involve any amount of brain power.

Not sure what the answer, other than ‘welcome to parenthood phase 27’ is, and to wait until phase 28.


One Response to 9pm Bedtime for the kid, is hard

  1. svemir says:

    I came here to get your slides from the DC PHP conference, but this post caught my eye… We went through these kinds of things 3 times so far, and I can tell you with significant amount of confidence that you can set the bedtime yourself, by sticking to a routine. The same way you gradually delayed the bedtime, you can now gradually move it back. Just make sure to do the same kinds of activities before the bedtime, slowing things down the closer you get to the appointed hour. Child may be in a different mood on different days, as he experiences new things etc., but those are exactly the times when same old evening ritual will provide comfort. I know you will say that kicking and screaming is a strange way to react to a comforting thing, but there is a balance that can be reached…

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