Cost of things in comparison

You might want to consider this a followon to my previous post about modern costs.

But yesterday/today just really put another problem in modern days in perspective to me. I remember when ‘general life stuff’, like gas, and eating out, was relatively cheap, compared to fun and/or luxury items.

That’s not the case anymore. And it makes trying to stick to a budget, to be selective in your choices, a really hard thing.

Yesterday my wife, son and I went to a little mom&pop restaurant and just got a couple subs, sodas, and a slice of pizza for my son. After tax/tip, it was $35. Today I had to fill up my truck, it was $68.

On Sunday Guitar Hero III was released, and we ran out and bought it immediately because I was foaming at the mouth for it. It was $89 (and was WELL worth the money). But we didn’t blink twice at buying that. Afterall, it was LESS money than filling up the truck and having a meal out.

Then we come to the present, where you find Eli having a really hard time NOT spending money on something that is ‘such a good deal’. Right now a certain online retailer has the Xbox HD-DVD player on sale for $164, free shipping, 6 free HD-DVDs, plus the 1st season of Heroes on HD-DVD.

That’s an amazing deal! You basically are getting the player for free if you calculate up the cost of all those HD-DVD’s.

One side of my brain is telling me that it’s ONLY $164 … that’s like 2 truck fillups. Not much money at all. The other side of my brain is telling me that it’s $164!!! And that’s far too much to just drop on a whim (especially after doing that for some new GPS systems lately, and Guitar Hero II, etc).

This problem didn’t exist (at least that I remember) when a fillup was $5, and when eating out was $3 or $5 a person.

UPDATE:  This afternoon when picking up my son from daycare, I had to fill up the car as well, $31 there.  I then went into the 7-11 I was at to buy three drinks, which came to $5.   Now within a 24 hour period, $139 has been spent on Gas & FoodStuffs, yet, I hesitate to spend $164 on ‘cool technology’.


One Response to Cost of things in comparison

  1. Keith Casey says:

    Think of it in terms of what you’re giving up… are you choosing this instead of something else or are you getting/doing both?

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