PHP Abstract – 1st Episode out, and it’s ME!

Ok, so I had to keep quiet about this when I was first working on it.

But now it’s been released, and that’s great!

So, Zend started up a new PHP Podcast called PHP Abstract that is going to feature ‘guest speakers’ giving short talks on PHP subjects.

I was asked to join in, and ended up being Episode #1 … So go check it out already!


9 Responses to PHP Abstract – 1st Episode out, and it’s ME!

  1. […] can also check out some of Eli’s thoughts on his blog about the podcast. […]

  2. Keith Casey says:

    Congrats… about to check it out now. 😉

  3. Will says:

    Very nice, good job!

  4. lovequiet says:

    Re: Things PHP…
    Sorry, Eli, but I’m an early self-taught PHP pgmr, and got me to your blog.
    So I was really interested to see a list of your recent presentations (going beyond just the slideshow site) at !!!
    But the files are almost all .odp
    They seem to be binaries. And I get no prompt (OS X) to de-compress them or anything.
    Any chance you’d present your presentations (!) in some more accessible format? (or educate this newbie on the dark arts of .odp files. (Do they relate somehow to Open Directory Project?)

    Sorry to be off-topic… but I could find no other way to get messages to you.
    Many thanks,

  5. Eli says:

    Actually, I’m laughing a bit here. Since you have suggested that I give my presentations in a more accessible format.

    However, They are actually in the ‘most’ accessible format there is.

    They are in OpenOffice format … if you download and install OpenOffice (it’s free), then you will be able to view them.


  6. lovequiet says:

    Thanks, Eli, for the edification.
    :huge sigh:
    I guess this means biting the bullet and doing a huge download.
    I have to say I *wish* I could be more enthusiastic about OO…
    But there’s such an inertia to overcome… in downloading. Setup. Learning a new interface. …
    Yes, I’m a lazy SOB.
    But then this may constitute a barrier to lots of folks who are not only lazy, but how about the mom-n-pop (grandma & grandpop) who are about clueless about such processes (that bothers me even about better-known software like Acrobat Reader).
    That’s not to say I’m completely unsympathetic toward encouraging people (self included) to try OO.

    In sympathy with the themes of both accessibility and promotion of OO… maybe it’d at least be good to have some sort of *alert* or *note* on a page where the DLs willl be requiring OO?¿?

    Just my 2¢

  7. lovequiet says:

    2¢ more…
    Well, I just checked out a bookmark ‘ew’ atop my to-do list…
    Oh, yes: that’s Eli’s list of presentations.
    It means the “to-do” is “install OO”.

    I guess I’m a shameless slacker about installing software that I expect to use a couple times a year.

    [not an endorsement of MSWoord:]
    At least when I get a DL’d file that’s a Word Doc it’ll open with my systems free (included) .rtf editor (TextEdit)… If only the .odp files were likewise. [ But I guess that’s Apple’s inertia about developing software that support one more format to be imported. ]

    BTW (if you’re not yet tired of answering along this theme):
    What is a .odp document comparable to? .doc? excell? powerpoint?

  8. Eli says:

    Powerpoint … hence for most people it’s a question of:

    * Do I put it in powerpoint format, requiring myself, and everyone in the world who wants to view my presentation, to Buy a $400 piece of software? (Microsoft Office)


    * Use a free open source program that does the same thing.

    (BTW … you will soon not be able to open Microsoft Word files online without paying Microsoft for it. In their latest Office release, they completely changed the format of the files to their own new format (.docx), that nothing else can read)

  9. lovequiet says:

    Thanks for the heads up…

    Will there be enough room in hell for all of them to rot together?

    Seriously: that’s reason enough to spur me to get set up with OO.

    Again… gracias.

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