Amazon RULES! ( is ok … UPS gets a -1)

So I had been swamped lately, and ordered a few things last-minute-ish for my lady-wife for Mother’s Day.   I ordered most things from Amazon, and one thing from just because they had it in stock, and Amazon didn’t.  (Did I mention the last minute thing?).

I paid for 2nd day shipping, and they were guaranteed by Thursday, probably Wednesday.

It’s Thursday, I didn’t get them, I checked both tracking numbers, UPS claimed  that they delivered both yesterday, at 12:12pm, ‘left at the front door’.   Well, I was home all day, and no UPS guy came.

I went outside and checked thouroughly, no packages, not hidden under a bush, not in a weird location, nope.

I called UPS, and after fighting through their phone system, and finally getting an operator, I was told I had to call the shippers each directly.

So first I try Amazon.   I go to their website prepared for a long search for a phone number.  Instead, I quickly find an interesting button called ‘Call Me’.  I click it, enter my phone number, choose ‘Right now’ from the “When” dropdown.   And LITERALLY less than a heartbeat after clicking submit, my phone rings.   And It’s Amazon calling me.

I’m immediately connected to a representative, who upon hearing my plight,  apologized, and instantly entered a new shipment of the exact same goods, upped it to overnight shipping, and I might have it tomorrow, worst case Monday.

I was impressed to say the least.

So then I call … I did find a phone number, I called, I was only on hold for a couple minutes.   Not bad.   The guy was very friendly, but said that he had to escalate it up to the ‘missing shipment’ department, and that in 2-3 business days I would hear back from them with the decision as to whether UPS found the shipment, or whether they would send me a new shipment.

So, it’s still getting taken care of, but not nearly with the gusto that Amazon is.


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