MySQL Conference End …

So I’m blogging from the closing keynote here at the conference.  It’s been a very good conference.  My own co-presentation with Time got a very good writeup  by ComputerWorld (almost instantly).  As with most writeups, they got 90% right, and the rest not quite so.   They especially seem to have gotten Time and I mixed up at one point during the talk, attributing our words to each other.

There were many good talks by the likes of Dathan from Flickr on scaling very large websites that were useful.   It’s always good to hear about how others have attacked the problem.

This conference had a surprising number of PHP sessions, and had it’s own slew of PHP notables in attendance as well as presenting, such as Laura Thomson, Damien Seguy, Rasmus Lerdorf, Keith Casey and Andi Gutmans.

It was good to get to hang out with them all again, chat PHP (and non-PHP).  Conferences are always a bit like reunions in that sense.  I also got to chat a fair with some of the other dotProject folks (such as Adam Donnison).

Overall, a Great conference, with a surprising amount of PHP information for a ‘database’ conference.


One Response to MySQL Conference End …

  1. caseydk says:

    Notable? Hardly…

    I think it’s the people that are my favorite part. I know at Digg that you have to deal with a different class of issues than I have to deal with, but the perspective and kicking around ideas in general is great. Besides, you learn all kinds of things that are “still unofficial” and end up being lots of fun. 😉

    Have a good one.

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