Last post in February, huh?

Wow, it’s really been ‘since February’ when I posted last, huh?  And that was on a business trip.  And here I am posting from a business trip again.

Well, Life has been quite hectic, and hence the lack of posting.  Right now is a good indication of this.  I’m sitting at BWI at 6:20am, waiting for my 7:10am flight.  (Yes, that means I got up at 4am … ugg).  Heading to Santa Clara for the MySQL user conference.  (Yeah Yeah, I know, the PHP guy heading to a MySQL conference!? … But they are having a large number of general ‘open source software’ based talks … and I’m co-presenting with Digg’s DBA on ‘Technology at Digg’)

So, I’m heading out this whole week.  Out today, back on Friday.   However, wait … I JUST got back from a Wednesday -> Friday trip to San Francisco, to the office.  Why didn’t I just stay the weekend?  Well, besides the fact that I wanted to see my family on the weekend, and already had plans.   It was actually cheaper to fly me back, than to stay a full weekend in the area (at local hotel prices, plus per diem).

At least I’m catching up on my reading on the plane.


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