Year in Review

So it seems that ‘everyone else’ did a year in review post near the beginning of the new year. I would be a little behind in doing that same thing now, but what the hey, let’s do it. So in no particular order, here are some of the highlights of my year:

  • Started to work for
  • Finished my book: PHP 5 in Practice and got to see it published
  • Presented at the following conferences:
    • ZendCON 2006
    • DCPHP 2006
    • PHP|works 2006
  • Got to watch my son grow from 10 months old to 22 months old, talk about a TON of changes
  • Became a Silver preferred member on US Airways due to all the work and conference flights I was taking.
  • Won a (granted small) poker tournament in Vegas!
  • Got both an Xbox 360 and a Nintendo Wii for Christmas, and have been in gaming heaven ever since.

I guess that roughly sums stuff up. Not a bad year, eh?


One Response to Year in Review

  1. mushroomking says:

    I will keep this brief, so that you can work on changes immediately.

    Right now, I, as a Digg community member, feel torn to shreds. Not only have you taken away the top user list, you have defiled my personal page, something I hold as my inner sanctum within Digg.

    Because user-driven content cannot exist without users, I ask that you please revert the sudden changes that have happened or at least delay them until they can be improved upon instead of destroyed. This has created an imbalance that has giving the grim feeling of corruption to Digg’s faithful audience, like me.

    Also, I ask that the Digg staff would not moderate negative posts about digg, but rather use those as constructive evidence of improvement. Like other companies, ethics matters.

    I ask that you keep note on this and I will be able to assist you, if needed, about changes that could be made to Digg that could improve and enhance the overall system.

    Thank you for reading my short message and I hope you take it into consideration.

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