ZendCon 2006

Well, I just left ZendCon 2006 after just spending a day and a half there. What I saw was a really good conference. A number of technical issues kept popping up. But oh well.Met a number of good folks, and got to run into a few people I hadn’t seen in a while, such as George Schlossnagle.  He actually gave a conference talk very similar to mine, but, different in it’s own right.  Specifically talking about various ways to scale your PHP applications.  A very good talk.   (Oh, and he pointed out a few things to me about memcached that I didn’t know!)

Ok, over-and-out … Writing on the train from San Jose up to San Francisco right now, gonna have to get off soon.

2 Responses to ZendCon 2006

  1. shlomil says:

    Hi ,

    The link to your slides is broken:
    gives 404.

  2. Eli says:

    You are correct, SO SORRY! It’s been fixed (Looks like my client had decided not to upload it on me). Thanks for pointing it out. I wonder how many people saw it was broken and just stayed silent.

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