Now using WordPress (and

Well, I’ve switched blogs.   From using to

There are actually quite a number of reasons I’ve done this.  And not counting the fact that Blogger is actually been having some issues lately.  I didn’t mind that so much.

No, the big issue is with categories.  I realized that I had a number of different ‘categories’ of information that I posted, stuff about me, stuff about the SCA, and stuff about PHP  & conferences.   I realized that not all of the people who read my blog, are interested in all those things, and blogger didn’t handle separating that content out easily.

So I shopped around, and decided on wordpress.   I actually went through the process of installing/configuring wordpress on my own website, then stopped.   Something hit me.  I don’t have THAT many regular readers at this moment.  Various friends, family, and some great folks I’ve met in the PHP community.   However, do I REALLY want them all to need to make an account on MY website, just to comment on MY blog?


I know that the ‘real answer’ to this is OpenID (or related technologies), but they just aren’t quite there yet.  And I needed a solution for ‘NOW’.

So, I went to and got an account here.   That way there is a decent chance that someone might already have a account for either their own blog, or for commenting on others.  If they don’t, and sign up for one, they can comment on 444 thousand other blogs (or whatever that number is that are hosted at right now).

So, this works for now.  And if the future if I DO decide to migrate all this to a local source, it’s always all in wordpress format, which is great, since I’m probably going to want to stay with wordpress.  It seems a nice bit O blog software.


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