Conference Update, Website Update, Blog soon

Hey folks. Just wanted to say that the DCPHP conference is going well. In the end I’m ending up giving 2 presentations and sitting on a final closing panel discussion. The panel sounds like it will be fun.

I’ll probably post some pictures soon from the conference. Pretty boring, but of a few key PHP folks.

The presentations from the conference are already posted, and since I knew I was sending even MORE people to my website, I went ahead and updated the design ‘some’, nothing major, just tweaked the CSS to make it a little more visually appealing.

I hope to SOON switch my blog software as well. I’m looking at various solutions, and leaning towards wordpress, so that I can tag/categorize my posts as being about PHP/Digg/SCA/Personal and so on. Various friends & contacts therefore could subscribe/read only the parts they find interesting.

Anyway, more on that soon. Going to have to give my next presentation soon.

(Currently listening to David Recordon give his talk about OpenID)


4 Responses to Conference Update, Website Update, Blog soon

  1. Eddie says:

    Hey Eli, just curious as we didn’t have a connection, were you able to use your cell for an internet connection? I was sitting in front of you at David’s presentation and noticed you had your phone plugged into your computer. I may be looking for a new phone soon so am curious if you were able to use it for a connection and if so, how well it worked.


  2. Keith Casey says:


    Hey, it was good to meet you this week. I got quite a bit out of your second presentation… and I have some new interesting code to play with. I’ll have some coverage up on my site starting tomorrow.



  3. Eli says:

    Eddie: Yes, I have EVDO service from Verizon. Costs me an extra $50 a month for the service, but means I get 2Mb/sec connection pretty much anywhere. And I don’t have to rely on finding a Panera/etc when on the road to get connected.

    I highly suggest getting a similar setup if you are regularly mobile and can afford it.

    You can get it with a PCMCIA card, or just do as I did. Get one of their PDA/phones, and tether it to the laptop with USB cable.

  4. Eddie says:

    Thanks for the info Eli. I’m on Verizon’s site now checking things out. We are also talking about doing some cell phone/pda stuff with our site so it will be nice to have a device to use for testing.

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