Todo lists & Weekends

Well, in the spirit of this blog just including anything/everything … I wanted to rant a little bit about something that seems to regularly happen to me.

You see, I have a big todo list that I keep for myself and I’m always behind getting to anything on it it seems nowadays. In fact, it got so big and complicated, that I spent like 5 hours Friday night writing myself some software to actually handle managing it.

And that’s a good lead-in to the entire weekend. Since in the end I got very little (if anything) done on my todo list … however at the same time, I got LOTS done.

After Friday’s nights ‘reorganizing’, I proceeded to wake up Saturday and suddenly remembered that I had logs meant to be turned into lumber sitting in my shed, and when I last pulled one out for an SCA demo recently I discovered it had termites in it. Great, in the wooden shed. So I went out in the morning to clean up the shed and check out the damage. Pulled out a bunch of logs (and some old lumber), and discovered that in the back corner of the shed where there termites where in the log, that a squirrel had made a nest, and that was holding moisture, which is what invited the termites. So, I cleaned all that out.

Then I didn’t want to put all those logs back in there, to potentially become food again. So I decided that I needed to turn them into lumber, now. But, I needed a way to cut them (they were big), so a phone call later, I was on my way down to Harbor Freight to buy a $25 attachment to my chainsaw that would let me make straight cuts on the log.

We made it back home and I managed to get two of them done (out of 3), and it got dark on me. I was dead tired, so my wife and I crashed on the couch and watched a movie (Mr & Mrs Smith). Oh, I should mention, at one point during the evening, I was walking up the steps to my deck, and went through one of them to my thigh. Lovely.

Sunday morning, I realize I need to finish the other log. So back out I go, finish it up, cut some firewood, stack it all, etc. Then we make a trip out for lunch, to drop off some donated clothing, and to buy lumber to fix the deck. We get back, and I fix the deck. (At one point in the day I took a break to clean up my shop some, in expectation of working on the REAL project I was supposed to be doing this weekend … making some neat ‘popup’ archery targets.)

It’s now late again. I end up cleaning everything up, doing some basic preparations for the archery shoot in a few weeks, and then deciding that I don’t have the time to make the archery targets (nor the storage space). Now tonight I’m going to do some ‘computer house cleaning’.

So in the end I got TONS of stuff done. But not a single thing marked off my todo list, except for something that I decided NOT to do.



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