Life is good

Well, Life is certainly doing well for me right now, even if a bit hectic.

I’ve now officially spent the first 2 weeks at my new job working for It’s certainly a blast! Things are very fast paced and there are so many exciting things going on. Can’t say anymore really.

My book is slowly coming to a close. At this point in time I’m essentially done writing the bulk of it. I still need to write the Introduction (saved for last on purpose), and some minor edits will still be needed on a few of the last chapters. After that it’s just down to the author review process. In general, I can start to get some of my free time back!

I’m looking forward to that, I want to spend more time with my family. I also want to start re-engaging in some of my hobbies that I loved, such as crossbow making/woodworking and video games! I must say, if it wasn’t for my wonderful wife supporting me during this I wouldn’t have been able to write this book at all. Thank you dear!

And good timing on getting the book done as well, since the SCA event season is going to be starting back into full swing soon! In fact, I’ve got an event coming up next weekend that I’m running the archery at.

On that note (wow this is a long post). I want to sing the praises of Lancaster Archery. Long story made short … I back in early January ordered some target faces from them for this event coming up in March. I figured might as well order them early.

Well long story, but my credit card information ended up being compromised. I instantly got a phone call from them right after that letting me know what had happened, the FBI were on the case, etc. The spurious charges were dropped, etc. Everything was copacetic. They even gave me the email address for the CEO and told me to contact him with any questions or issues I had.

Until about 3 weeks ago, when I realized that I still didn’t have my order, and kinda needed it soon. I wrote to them asking about this. They responded promptly that one item was on backorder but that they would be getting it very soon and have it right out to me.

Fast forward to this Monday. Still didn’t have them, and I wrote them back asking. No response, until today. This morning I write them again, CC’ing the CEO. I then proceeded within a 3 hour period to receive no less than three phone calls, from two sales managers and the CEO himself. The CEO apologized profusely for the issues, and said that he packed my order personally and that it was shipping out to me today.

Overall very well handled on their part. They are a very good company that I have done a fair bit of business with in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

Current Music: The sound of my son crying upstairs — either Nightmare or Diaper … either way, I’m off to find out.


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