ARG! So I got another chapter done on the book, kay?

So I decided to reward myself with goofing off with this GUI scripting language that I found for my PocketPC for an hour, kay?

I wanted to make a silly little ‘archery speed round timer’ that would automatically be able to handle different length shoots, and adjust the ‘call outs’ (verbal notes of the time), kay?

So 1 hour into it … just about to stop … I try one more thing. It works. Then I click a button, and the program crashes. …. CRASHES!, kay?

Guess what. I didn’t save. Yes, I know. Always save. I do always save. I swore that I saved. It wasn’t saved.


*sigh* … back to working on the book.

PS. Dialect Pro appears to be an amazingly useful scripting tool for Pocket PC. So much that I obviously got so interested in ‘tweak this tweak that’, that I never saved. If you are using Dialect Pro … Please save every 15 seconds. You’ll thank me.


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